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I have nearly 3 years' experience in book publishing as an editor, lead editor, commissioning editor and content architect. I was also an occasional author during this time.

Transitions: Voices on the Craft of Digital Editing
Content Architect / Lead Editor / co-Author
Published May 2002

The future of filmmaking is in your hands...

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This book, based upon my own concept, featured 15 renowned editors talking about their craft. Each chapter is peer-reviewed and contains sidebars where other authors comment on the points made by their peers.

This high-concept, full-colour title was editorially managed by me from start to finish, including the supervision of authors and the book design. I was also responsible for creating the book's marketing materials, including a website which I designed myself.

Featuring an interview with Paul Hirsch, A.C.E., Oscar-winning film editor of Star Wars (1977) and a chapter by LEE UNKRICH - editor of Toy Story and co-director of the smash hit Monsters, Inc. Foreword by TINA HIRSCH, A.C.E., president of American Cinema Editors (ACE).

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Foundation PHP for Flash
Content Architect / Lead Editor
Published September 2001

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My first book in the most senior Content Architect role, I was responsible for redefining Friends of ED's award-winning 'Foundation' series.

Working closely with sole author Steve Webster, we produced a book that was perfectly attuned to the readership and received rave reviews in magazines and from readers on Amazon. This remains one of Friends of ED's most highly praised books.

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Revolutionary Premiere 6
co-Author / Editor
Published December 2001

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Although I wrote many introductions, whole sections of chapters, and as an editor rewrote large amounts of original copy, this book was my only outing as an author named on the front cover. I wrote about my experiences of producing video just after university.

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