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Creating a logo is often the first stage in the design process. In my design work I have worked to integrate existing logos and brands and also conceived those logos myself. Here are some samples of my logo designs.

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Laurafilm LONDON

Laurafilm LONDON - red curtain logo - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Laurafilm LONDON - black reel logo - CLICK TO ENLARGE

These splash page logos for reflect a distinguished cinematic corporate style, fundamental to the brand. They were designed in Photoshop CS.

Additional blank version can be viewed here.

Star 69 Band

This logo was commissioned by the band Star 69 prior to me designing their official website. It was used on everything from posters and t-shirts to their CD cover. They were built with Fireworks MX.

Star 69 original logo - CLICK TO ENLARGE Star 69 revised logo - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Below is the band font as chosen by me to represent the style of the band:

Star 69 logo text - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Click here for a sample of the CD cover containing a third version of the logo.

QAS Information Systems logo
Designed in Swift 3D, click below for a page of large-scale variations

Click for a page of larger variations

World Concert for Peace Approved Product logos
Designed in Photoshop CS, intended for product co-branding
Click on logo for a page of variations

Click for a page of logo variations

QAS Customer Success Programme prototype
Designed in Photoshop CS

Kirsty Crawford prototype logos
Designed in Photoshop 7 and Swift 3D logo

Designed in Flash and Swift 3D, the site logo - comprising text and a star animation, can be seen fully animated on the site itself.

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