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Aside from my design and publishing work, I've been involved in a number of other projects and activities, including filmmaking and pr. A few of these are listed here.

I shall add to this section in time as required:

Video Watchdog Project

Directed, edited and associate-produced this highly acclaimed and widely publicised hour-long documentary on the closures of key public utilities in deprived Glasgow. While working for this project, now a registered charity, I also designed a companion website for the film (this was my first ever website, over 5 years ago), and attended screenings and press events in the Scottish Parliament and Glasgow City Chambers.

Glasgow: The Tree That Wants To Grow

Role included:

  • Creatively managing filming and interviews.
  • Storyboarding and planning the final film.
  • Organising and judiciously screening over 13 hours of raw material.
  • Creating graphics and other visual elements.
  • Edited two versions of the massive documentary in less than two weeks.

The Masterplan - book trilogy

Wrote this 600xA4-page, 300,000 word novel trilogy whilst at university, still to date the most extensive project I have ever been involved in.

The Masterplan

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