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Here is a further selection of my other website projects.

The Official John and CeCe Website

November 2004

This glamorous business site showcasing the services of celebrity vocal coach couple John and CeCe was built in Flash and designed to be easy to update.

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Site features include: animated intro created using Swift 3D, animated transitions
Built with: Flash MX, Photoshop 7, Dreamweaver MX, Swift 3D v4

John and CeCe's website needed to be flashy but definitively business-focused, clear and straight to the point. The site would be accessed from their listing in vocal coach directories and also through advertising at their various appearances.

The site was built with a simple interface and a page structure that was easy to add to and update. I also handled all aspects of the site including SEO and traffic analysis.

QAS Recruitment Microsite
n/a (not live)
October 2005

This set of recruitment microsite designs were intended to replace QAS' standard listings on with a fully-customised corporate profile. This project was put on hold by the client due to budget restraints.

Click any of the thumbnails to see a larger version of these Photoshop mock-ups:

Rocket Music Management Ltd

February 2005

Rocket Music Management needed a stylish but simple and functional corporate website at very short notice; a place to provide information on the ever-growing roster of artists, and to display the latest company news. The entire site was built in Flash in just over a day.

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Built using: Flash MX, Photoshop CS

Transitions book promotional website

May 2002

By the time my book Transitions hit the shelves I had been doing spare-time web design for long enough to design a Flash website to promote the book.

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Built using: Flash MX, Fireworks MX

Featuring a simple layout, and cinematic monochrome and sepia colour scheme, the Transitions website also has a widescreen feel to the author biographies, as can be seen below in this snapshot of the Flash working environment.

creating the Transitions site in Flash MX

Redesign Consultation for Windsor Insurance
n/a (ongoing project)
January 2006

I was asked to lend some expertise to advise Windsor Insurance on how to go about redesigning I created a sample new design and submitted a 2500-word critique of the current website.

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