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Banners, whether plain static ones, multi-frame animated GIFs or full animation Flash movies, are another of my specialisms. Here are a selection, mainly drawn from my time as New Media Designer at QAS.

NB: many banners on this and subsequent pages are animated - you might want to refresh as you view each one so you definitely see the full animation from start to finish

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(Flying data files created in Swift 3D, also used in e-mail design)

Data Management Concept Banner

This compact but extensive banner was designed to hit home the ever-changing nature of customer data. Originally charged with creating a simple GIF, I presented this full animation instead, smaller in file size than a GIF and telling a modular story so that viewers could pick up the main points even if they missed some parts.

This banner won acclaim from clients and colleagues alike and went on to spawn an accompanying e-mail template, and even a presentation to management on the workflow and design ethos behind its creation.

(You can click this banner to open an options panel, and rollover the options. I like interactive advertisements)

QAS Intranet Personalised Banner

This innovative ad was designed to promote a new product internally to staff. As the product was for identity authentication, I had the idea to use the Intranet's personalisation features to customise the banner for each visitor.

The Flash animation reads in the name of the user from their Intranet / PC network login, and passes it into various parts of the 'identity'-themed movie.

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